More Mailbag: "Vue.js specialization"

Philip Morgan

Chris Ferdinandi offered some really good insight in response to /pmc-vuejs-specialization/ :

_From what I've observed, I'm not sure an agency who specializes in Vue would find that a differentiator. If anything, it turns them into a set of hands by focusing on the platform instead of the problem you're trying to solve.__For someone who sells education products, though, I think Platform Specialization can be a really good thing, especially if you become known as the "go to person" for that platform. I have a friend who is THE go-to Angular educator, and sells five figures worth of courses a MONTH._But in that case, the problem is "I want to learn Angular, and [my friend] is the best." Agencies are probably better served focusing on business verticals or specific problems that cut across them. For example, I recently learned that in the Doggy Daycare industry flooring is a BIG DEAL, and there are consultants who specializes exclusively in helping owners choose the right flooring for their space. They do much better, I would imagine, than the "rubber mat company" does.

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