Mini survival excursions for actors and actresses

Philip Morgan

List member William shared another really interesting self-made expert story:

_Here’s another example of this happening, but I’ll keep the story very condensed.__A friend of mine is an outdoor survival expert. Back in the 80’s when he was getting into it, there was no possible career in this field. Because “who is going to pay you to go live in the wilderness?” - no pension plans, etc._Today he is in his 50’s, and has been hired by various celebrities (both “survival experts” on TV who hire him to show them stuff behind the scenes) and other actors/actresses who have heard of him and hired him to take them into the wilderness for mini survival excursions. Just by following his passion he has become an expert for something he loves and is able to support his family doing so.

Thanks for sharing this, William!As always, if you have a weird or hyper-narrow expertise of some kind, and you have a fire in your belly to get really good at it and make money doing it, I’m pretty confident you can find a way to make it work.This guy did it with outdoor survival in the 80's when people thought you were a loon if you weren't trying to become the Wolf of Wall Street.What’s holding you back?-P