Mailbag: "Out-of-left-field quiz for you"

Philip Morgan

I got a really great response to my quiz question about Axel Grell leaving Sennheiser: /pmc-out-of-left-field-quiz-for-you/

_Hi Philip,__That's an interesting question!__One can't help draw comparisons between Apple and Sennheiser, as both companies were built around the insight and vision of one man at some point.__In the case of Apple, they seem to have lost a lot of what made them great, especially the passion and drive to captivate Apple users.__I can only hope that Sennheiser has done what it can to keep the passion for continuous innovation and improvements in their products alive.__This is an opportunity for them to bring in new and fresh ideas, while continuing to take advantage of the reputation the company has built in the industry. It'll be important for them to ensure people understand that it takes a team to build such great products, and it's not all the work of just one person.__Of course, it also depends on what Alex does next. If he gets into the same line of work, but for his own brand or a competitor, it could put some bumps in the road for Sennheiser.__All that being said though, I believe Sennheiser is in a better position than Apple was when they lost Steve Jobs as their primary driving force (from a public perspective). Sennheiser products are, in my humble opinion, not as closely associated with any single person as the Apple products were.__All the best from sunny South Africa,_Ewald

Thanks for sharing this, Ewald!BTW, Ewald sent his thoughts to me before I shared mine. Great minds think alike!-P