Mailbag: On the future value of writing

Philip Morgan

Regarding yesterday's email, Marcus Blankenship gave me permission to share his response:

I used to believe that my thinking proceeds writing. This made writing hard. Now I understand that writing creates thinking. This makes writing easier. When I want to think about something, I write about it. This makes writing easier. I am often surprised at what I wrote - new thoughts I did not have before I began.

Thanks for sharing this, Marcus!The inspiration shows up after you sit down to do the work, not before. We've all heard this over and over again. This is a well worn rut in the road of conventional wisdom.But learning it by doing is completely different. It doesn't make you sound clever at cocktail parties.It deeply transforms you. It helps you cultivate a point of view. It destroys what's shallow and insubstantial in your thinking. And it reinforces what's substantial and compelling.If this kind of transformation interests you, join us: