Mailbag 2: "Mindset emerging from practice"

Philip Morgan

I got some fantastic emails from y'all on last week's Mindset emerging from practice email.This one is from Karl Sakas, shared with permission:

_Hi Philip,__Something to help you and your audience (feel free to share)...__For improving money mindset, I strongly recommend Overcoming Underearning. It's available on Audible, Kindle, and paperback._After reading it last year, I gave myself a 60% raise. After realizing she was underpaying herself, one of my clients gave herself a 50% raise. Another client built a series of raises for himself into his agency's 2019 budget. _Overcoming Underearning isn't for everyone—it's not an automatic recommendation in my agency coaching, and some people report it didn't resonate for them. But when it's a fit, it can make a huge difference on improving money mindset._Karl

Great stuff, eh?More on Karl here at his website.-P