Mailbag 1: "Mindset emerging from practice"

Philip Morgan

I got some fantastic emails from y'all on last week's Mindset emerging from practice email.This one is from Anthony English, from the land down under. It's shared with both his and Jodi's permission:

Hi Philip,This is a long email but I urge you to read it, as it gives a fast and real life confirmation of both the money mindset healing and the value of a cheering crowd.I have thought long and hard about this question of confidence and learning out loud.I think the “Just do it!” approach, “believe in yourself!” is a sledgehammer.This paragraph from David C. Baker’s “The Business of Expertise” was transformational for me (or, more importantly, for the clients I work with):“If you are not blessed with a heavy dose of confidence, you’ll need extra opportunity. That opportunity will translate into marketplace acceptance, which will in turn give you confidence.”My approach here has been to publish before I’m ready. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly, as G K Chesterton said.This has totally transformed my ability to write, publish, not procrastinate or give into perfectionism. “Publish, or perish.” If it stays as a draft article, that is death. It must get in front of the eyes of strangers.I recently spoke with, Jodi Salice, a graphic designer who had deep money mindset issues. She was seriously undercharging. (This story was shared with her permission and she is happy for it to be public.)Everyone was telling her: “raise your prices.” When she was even telling herself: “I know I’m worth more.” She was intellectually convinced.When I spoke to her for the first time, even though I could see she was not charging anywhere near enough, I told her: “you won’t be able to raise your prices.” I said that if she didn’t believe her value in her heart, she would mentally discount before talking to the client, and then actually discount, no matter what prices she published on her website.It was just the diagnosis and the permission she needed to acknowledge that fear of hearing “no” from much-needed clients.That was the transformation she needed. There was no point trying to fix her prices out there if she didn’t really believe in her value. But she also couldn’t just believe in her value. She needed external market confirmation, even from the very people for whom who she was doing premium graphic design work at a discount.Once I began to get her through that chicken-and-egg pricing confidence barrier, she acted quickly.She wrote to her past and present clients (all of whom were paying lowball prices and looked likely not to be part of her future client base, if she was to do more than just try to plug the leaky lifeboat that was her business.)Here’s what happened:_Hi Anthony,__So, my follow-up email for the re-branding strategy went to all my inactive clients just 3 hours ago.__Now, keep in mind that my first email (from 2 weeks ago) offered them an introductory offer which was priced at 10x more than I ever charged before.__It didn't surprise me that no one replied to that email.__But to my follow-up, just this morning so far, 3 people replied!__Since I have been afraid of hearing "no" for so many years, I was terrified to open every one of those emails, for fear that I'd get "yelled at" by people who were angry at my audacity for asking such a "high" price. But I knew I had to absorb those "nos" in order to move closer to those yes's, so I held my breath and opened them.__To my surprise, no one was angry! And while they all reported that their budgets are prioritized in other areas right now, they ALL expressed their support and that when the time comes ready for a re-brand, I would be the one they call. They said this, knowing that my price would increase after this month!__I'm blown away. Wow, have I been deceiving myself all these years about what people consider reasonable. This is a huge victory for me!_And as I was typing this email, an active client, who received my promotional email a week ago, called me (for some small work) and expressed his delight in all of my new efforts. He said, "I might like to hire you to do all my marketing!" _Anthony, I was losing gumption because of the silence, but I feel revived and CONFIDENT about substantially raising my prices, because I know that the folks who will say "yes" are out there._Thanks for all your guidance.

Great stuff, eh?More on Anthony here at his website.-P