Lars and the Real Girl

Philip Morgan

Have you seen the film Lars and the Real Girl?If not, here's a quick synopsis, which is important because you maybe could be a lot like the titular character in that film:_Lars is painfully shy and socially detached. One day, he orders a life-sized sex doll. Lars appears to his friends and family to think the doll is real. He carries the doll around with him, either in a wheelchair or by hoisting it around._There's a resolution to the film plot, of course, but I don't want to spoil it for you.My point: What's your relationship to sunk cost?Do you carry it around with you, like Lars and his life-sized doll? Does it weigh you down and prevent you from moving forward in your business?Is your relationship to sunk cost something you tolerate?Or is it something that empowers you to make bold decisions?If it's something you tolerate, consider visualizing that sunk cost like this:It might help you finally break up with the sunk cost and move on to the real opportunities ahead of you.-PIf you can't seem to narrow down a specific thing that you do that could solve an expensive problem and you need a process, check out The Positioning Accelerator Program.