"I'm convinced that a small number of software people... will make a huge difference."

Philip Morgan

Quick tophat: I have long used what I refer to as "naked links" in my emails because I want you to know where you're going when you click a link in an email from me. I asked ConvertKit--the email marketing service I use--if they could disable link tracking, which redirects links through their servers for the purposes of tracking who clicks what links. I would love to not subject you to this (despite it being broadly the email marketing norm), but ConvertKit can't do it. They're too busy handling a flood of Drip refugees, I think. :) Actually, I think they did this on their end after they saw my request:It's a very unusual request, I know. Anyway, my naked links don't go straight to where I'm linking you to. They get redirected through a different server, and the more savvy spam filters see this as a phishing attempt. I'd prefer my emails not be flagged as phishing so, no more naked links in my emails. Thanks to all who reported the issue with yesterday's email's links.

Part of the value of technology is creating pure technology products.But a much bigger value of technology is transforming non-technology businesses.Here's a really interesting interview with Eric Schmidt, and here specifically is the part where he makes this point."I'm convinced that a small number of software people applied to each of these industries, looking at how they operate, re-designing the way their business processes work will make a huge difference." -- Eric Schmidt in the above interview.Sounds like vertical specialization to me :)-P