I like the cheaper one better

Philip Morgan

I am surprised as heck that I like my $220 nylon string guitar more than my $600 steel string guitar!Like, really surprised.The $600 guitar "should" be my favorite, right?It's a Breedlove Pursuit parlor size guitar. It's a lovely designed-in-America-made-in-China guitar.The $220 guitar is a Yamaha CG122MCH. It's made of lesser quality wood with lesser quality hardware.And I like playing it like 50 times more than the more expensive guitar. Its wider neck and softer strings make it easier for my still-relearning-the-guitar fingers to form chords properly, and its more generally forgiving nature makes it just more fun to play.In your consulting, don't conflate the difficulty of solving a problem with the value of solving that problem, or you'll be constantly frustrated.Your clients get to set the value of the solution, not you.And they will likely have different criteria for assigning value to solutions than you do.Remember, until the end of this year you can get 30% off The Positioning Manual (http://thepositioningmanual.com) or Specializing Without Failure (http://specializingwithoutfailure.com).Just use the code TAXWRITEOFF when you check out to get the discount. Do it before the stroke of midnight Pacific time on December 31, cause that's when this offer expires.-P