Can I have a show of hands?

Philip Morgan

At the conclusion of a recent Expertise Incubator meeting, I asked whether anyone is afraid of their list.About half of the 6 people on the call raised a hand.I love provocative questions like this, so I'll ask those of you who have an email list: Are you afraid of your list?If so, why?If so, what could you do to change that?The local maker space here in Sebastopol has a beautiful Italian-made table saw; a MiniMax CU300 Smart. It looks like this:Something with an exposed spinning blade that can easily remove fingers or hurl objects across a room demands presence of mind and respect, but fear doesn't help. Fear causes holding back when you need to push forward, over-exertion when you need to relax, and a jumpy erratic hand when you need a more smooth relaxed command of the work piece.So yes, respect your list!But if there's fear in your relationship with your list, that's worth examining.Because it might not be helping you or your list.-P