An angel got its wings

Philip Morgan

A member of this here e-mail list wrote yesterday to tell me that he took his product business full time, and was able to quit his job.I love when that happens 1) because it's awesome; it's one more person moving towards making an independent living from their expertise and that always gets me really excited and 2) because I got to send him this GIF:It's like in that movie It's a Wonderful Life. He got his "wings".And I got to link him to my favorite old country tune, Footlights by Merle Haggard.I explained that I listen to that song when things get... not-easy. Which they do, sometimes. Entrepreneurial self-employment is not easy all the time, but damn is it worth it, at least for me."I live the kind of life most men only dream of." That's the first line in that song, and it describes exactly how I feel about my business most of the time.And, during those times when I don't feel that way, it's a good reminder how lucky I am.YouTube is, as always, a treasure trove of weird old TV footage.Would you like to see a bunch of old country music people sitting around on gross-looking 80's furniture in a fake living room TV set alternately looking totally stoned and then super uncomfortable while Merle Haggard plays more jazz chords than you've ever seen in any country music song like ever? (OK, it's only 3 chords, but that's still definitely more jazz chords than I've seen in any other country song.)Of course you wouldVideo link: you're a Christmas celebrant, I hope you have a wonderful one today, filled with meaning and connection!Remember that the deepest discount I offer on my books is available from now until the end of the year.I call it my "tax write-off" sale, because you most likely can claim the book(s) as a business expense.From now until until the end of this year you can get 30% off both The Positioning Manual ( and Specializing Without Failure ( use the code TAXWRITEOFF when you check out to get the discount. Do it before the stroke of midnight Pacific time on December 31, cause that's when this offer expires.-P