100in35 - A *GLORIOUS* defeat

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 2m 18s)

Tom Miller just saved my bacon.

Lemme explain.

So back in January I started this "100 subscribers in 35 days" experiment.

Y'all loved it. I reached a point in the experiment, though, where my chosen approach didn't feel right, so I paused and pivoted and.... lost momentum and... never regained momentum. :)

And here we are 3-ish months later with me not having delivered on my promise with this experiment.

In the meantime, others have taken the ball and run with it. Specifically, some folks in The Expertise Incubator.

In one of our recently weekly meetings, Tom Miller reported to the group that he's been having really solid results with a very similar approach. When I say solid results, I mean he's attracted about 50 highly qualified leads via LinkedIn. Some are list subscribers, but a substantial portion are prospective clients of high quality.

Other Expertise Incubator participants have seen similarly positive results from following a similar approach on LinkedIn.

I beseeched Tom to explain his method on a recorded video call, and he very generously agreed: vimeo.com/329702142/969fedc017

The recording is about 55 minutes of Tom giving a very detailed walkthrough of what he's doing to get these kinds of results. I--as usual--interject with questions to tease out even more details along the way.

So what you have with this video is a complete how-to guide on applying a specific, tested, realistic approach to using LinkedIn to generate new email list signups and new business opportunities.

The usual caveats apply:

  • This approach won't work if you haven't specialized in a way that gives you a clear, easy-to-understand focus on an important problem you solve for clients.
  • This approach takes real effort. Ideally: daily, consistent effort over multiple months. It's not a magic bullet. Nothing I advocate is. Luckily, though, the Internet is overflowing with magic bullet solutions! Try some! (wink) And when you find they don't actually work, I'll be here with approaches that actually do. :)

Finally, I'm still interested in setting up a free small coaching group focused on helping folks apply the approach Tom has used so successfully.

In my mind, it looks like this:

  • Limited to 20 people.
  • Weekly 1h meetings via Zoom at a time that works for most folks who are in the group (figured out via Doodle).
  • Each week will have a clear, specific, granular goal you're working towards. So there will be some structure.
  • We do this group for 2-months, then if y'all have gelled you can feel free to turn it into a mastermind that you run on your own, otherwise the group simply disbands after 2 months.
  • My role is to set up the aforementioned structure, facilitate the meetings, and help with troubleshooting to the extent I can.

If a) you would like to participate in this free coaching group and b) you have input for what you'd like it to look like, please hit REPLY and let me know. If only a) is true for you right now, hang tight; I'll set up an application form in a bit and invite folks to fill that out in a week or so.

Again, here's Tom's excellent presentation on using LinkedIn to attract list subscribers and general business opportunities: vimeo.com/329702142/969fedc017