Please don't buy TPM if...

Philip Morgan

I recently heard this from a book customer:

--- I bought "The Positioning Manual" an hour ago and started reading right away.


Unfortunately, I quickly realized that the content isn't a good fit for the current state of my business. I need to figure out what I am really good at first and I need to make money right away.


Can you please refund my money?

I refunded this guy within the hour.

But if this guy's situation reminds you of your own, please don't buy The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms. It'll be too advanced for you.

Positioning is a foundational part of building a profitable services business. As such, it is good for any self-employed services professional to know about. That said, I’d recommend you not buy The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms if:

  • Making any changes at all to your business would be super-risky. If you are living month-to-month and “the wolf is at the door”, I’d recommend not buying this book. Instead, work on shoring up the fundamentals of your business now.
  • You have no work experience. If this is you, it’s going to be very difficult to think in terms of what creates value for clients and what you do and don’t actually enjoy doing. Every decision I’ll ask you to make in this book will be way harder than it needs to be. Get a year or two of experience under your belt and come back. The book will still be here.
  • You have a bunch of other e-books in a folder on your computer and you’ve never taken action on any of them. Yes, my book may be better than those others and may be the outlier that spurs you to action, but you may also be a chronic information hoarder who doesn’t actually prioritize taking action. If that’s you, I don’t judge you, but also don’t waste your money on this book. You can probably satisfy your curiosity about positioning in other ways, like checking out the free /articles page on my site, for example.

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