Owned visibility infrastructure

Philip Morgan

You can ride astride a platform to gain visibility. You can rent infrastructure from which to earn visibility.

Or… you can build that infrastructure yourself and own[1] it.

Owned visibility infrastructure includes:

  • An authoritative website
  • An email list
  • A community
  • Event(s)
  • "Owning" an idea

We like owned visibility infrastructure primarily because we are more free from intervening algorithms, and things like an email list or a community are relatively portable from one service provider to another.

These benefits come at a cost, of course. It's tradeoffs and turtles all the way down. It takes time, effort, and skill to build up our own visibility infrastructure. We give up a certain amount of free amplification in exchange for lower risk and greater control.

The choice between using a platform, rented infrastructure, or owned infrastructure to earn visibility is not a mutually exclusive choice. We can blend components from all three categories of visibility infrastructure, and good marketing portfolio management means we usually do.

No matter how we configure this portfolio, its effectiveness can be amplified by one thing: focus.

More on that tomorrow, and much more on that in http://thepositioningmanual.com



1: My evergreen caveat: you can't own other people (a reprehensible idea on its face) and you can't own an audience because membership in that audience is voluntary. As it should be. "Owned audience" is, however, a convenient term for an email list or other opt-in database that is portable from one marketing service provider to another.