Philip Morgan

Unexpectedly finding yourself without electricity for 24 hours is not the most fun, but for most individuals, not life-threatening.

Being without electricity and water is much less fun. Hi, my name is Philip Morgan, and I'm glad you've decided to attend my TED Talk on prepping.

I'm kidding, but it does occur to me to remind you how useful two items are in a no-power+no-water situation (and if you get your water from a domestic well, as I do, the former combined with no backup generator can cause the latter).

1: Paper plates, bowls, and disposable utensils.

2: 2 gallons of stored water for every time you want to be able to flush a toilet.

Without running water, things get dirty REAL fast. Dishes, the cat food bowls where you serve wet cat food to your cats, etc. Yes, you can wash dishes camping-style with minimal amounts of water but paper/disposable plates, bowls, and eating utensils make dealing with all the other crap you have to deal with easier.

Speaking of that… it's remarkable how much I took for granted being able to effortlessly flush toilets before the last 24 hours without electricity and water. :) I mean, there was that Elm tree root that grew into the drain and caused every flush to be an exciting plunge-and-flush combination, but the plumber eventually resolved that.

So if you have a modern-ish low-flow toilet, plan on needing 2 gallons of water (doesn't have to be potable, of course) for every flush. Yes, you can double up (DO NOT write and ask what that means if it's not obvious), but trust me, just have at least 20 gallons of water stored.

Thanks for attending my TED Talk, and if you're interested in joining an Expertise Incubator cohort, hit REPLY and let me know. No toilet jokes, I promise. I've gotten those out of my system.


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