Ouch, my neck!!

Philip Morgan

You may be a lot more like my local chiropractor than you think...

Recently I was moving some boxes and I tweaked my neck, and now it hurts like a mofo. When something like this happens, I like to go to a chiropractor and get a quick adjustment. When my wife and I lived at the Oregon coast, we were friends with a chiropractor who was happy to see us on short notice. But since moving to Sebastopol I've been unable to do that.

Here's the reason why...

It takes me exactly as long to get in for a first appointment with the local chiropractor (about a week) as it takes my tweaked neck or back to fix itself.

Her explanation is that she's so busy it takes a week for her to work a new patient into her schedule. Makes complete sense if you're her, but the effect is that she never gets me as a client because waiting a week is too much of a hurdle for me, and by that time my back or neck or whatever has fixed itself.

If she had some way to see me for the first time the same day, I would have paid for at least a half dozen sessions with her by now, if not more.

If she had a "new patients get in same-day" policy, she would also have a powerful differentiator she could use in her marketing! Come to think of it, that would be an incredible business same: Same-Day Chiropractic. What person in pain NOW wouldn't pick up the phone and call a business with that name to get relief TODAY?!?! That might even be willing to pay a premium for same-day service.

Here's my question to you: are you overlooking some need among your clients that you could serve better? If so, you might be leaving money on the table like my local chiropractor is.

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