Not *another* course...

Philip Morgan

I think it's high time I explain WHY I'm building a course on positioning.

There's a group of freelancers who need more than The Positioning Manual offers. More structure (do THIS now, do THAT later) and more support ("Philip, tell me exactly what to do in my unique situation", "Philip this is hard work, help me stay motivated."). But... they need this structure and support at a lower price than the $700/mo I charge for my Positioning Accelerator Program.

If that's you, this course is my effort to better serve your need for more structure, more support, and still-affordable price.

That's "Why #1" for this course.

I hinted at this in an earlier email, but "Why #2" is that I'm trying to scale myself but not replace myself.

There's only so much I can do to help TPM readers through email support. The Positioning Course takes everything I've learned about accelerating your progress and bakes it into a simple process that you can implement mostly on your own.

I know that access to me (my experience with positioning, my ability to make good judgement calls, etc.) is important, and that's why the course includes lightning coaching slots for all participants.

I didn't really realize it until recently, but I've spent over a year getting better at providing useful on-the-spot advice for people with positioning questions. I did this through being lazy...

Every time I got an email from a TPM reader that was dense, complicated, or wordy, rather than ignore the email or respond with an equally wordy email, I responded with an offer to get on the phone for 30 minutes and answer the question that way, completely pro-bono. A lot of people took me up on this.

I know some people thought I was crazy for doing this, but it built up a "muscle" that I'm now happy to use to help you if you buy The Positioning Course. I've learned how to give actually useful, actually helpful information on positioning questions in a short, realtime call.

So this course is a good way to scale up my impact and ability to help a larger number of people in a high quality, meaningful way.

That's "Why #2".

If you're ready to buy now, head over to /positioning-course/. The course is $150 during this pre-sale and will never be cheaper. As with everything I do it's backed up with my My Insta-Refund Guarantee: If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase and email me saying so, I will immediately click the Refund button and return 100% of your money, no questions asked.

If you have any questions at all about whether this course will be a good fit for you, please hit REPLY and let me know.

Talk to you soon,

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