Non-creepy love for Philip at 9:01 am EST

Philip Morgan

List member Tricia shared her experience with being on the receiving end of daily emails. Emails that she started out not really even wanting...

--- I've been wanting to email you for a little while with this little story.


Initially I kind of hated your emails. I sneered at them and celebrated a little every time I DIDN'T click the link to your offer (kinda sad).  After all, I didn't really know you that well (I found you via Brennan's podcast).  Thought it was a little crazy that you were emailing me every day AND had a link to your offer each and every time.  I contemplated unsubscribing, but never did.

Over time I started to get to know you a little and eventually like you.  Then I bit the bullet and became a customer in November, some email correspondence followed and interaction in Brennan's DYFA.  Somewhere along the way I started to love you in a non-creepy, you're-about-to-change-my-biz/life kinda way (Btw, the audio response to one of my emails is what made me an INSTANT raving fan.  I told EVERYONE about that.).


Now I look forward to my 9:01 EST emails!  I think one came later in the day a little while ago and I actually wondered where was Philip?  I figured you were taking some time off. My two fave subject lines so far is this one and the man-boobs!!!  Such good little stories + tidbits that reinforce the positioning mindset.  Love it.

I'm not inside Tricia's head so I can't explain why this shift from hating to loving the emails happened for her, but I can speculate:

  1. I actually care about the problems facing Tricia and others in the self-employed software developer world. Yeah, I sell every day in my emails. Yeah, I have fun and even get very goofy sometimes with these emails. But I actually care enough to show up via my emails every weekday, and over time that creates an emotional bond between the ~30% of my email list that consistently reads my emails and me.
  2. I provide a "balanced diet" of value. It's not all cold, hard, actionable how-to information. "What?!?!" I hear you saying? "There are other forms of value other than cold, hard, actionable how-to information!?!?!" Why yes, there are! Consuming a diet of 100% cold, hard, actionable, how-to information would be like eating nothing but Kale salads for every meal. Or speaking to your loved ones only about balancing the checkbook. If you're interested in the paradox of trust and how trust is actually built, go to Google, search for 100 most trusted people in America, and then tell me why you think that list is skewed so heavily towards entertainers.
  3. I am willing to be polarizing and provocative in the viewpoints, content, and writing style I use with this list.  Contrast creates interest.

Should you use email marketing in the way that I am?

Maybe... I don't know. Depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

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