My secret past with Reddit

Philip Morgan

I've always had a complicated relationship with Reddit.

On the one hand, it's kind of a cesspool. And on the other, it can sometimes be useful for market research and general entertainment purposes.

I actually had my first online marketing success on Reddit in 2013.

That summer, I had decided to leave the business partnership I was in. I actually started looking for a job because I was so discouraged with how bad I was at self-employment.

Kind of on a lark, I posted on /r/ForHire about how I could help small businesses (any small business, die hard generalist that I was at that time :) ) with their website copy.

I got a client out of it!

This client remarked that my ad copy was well-written, and that gave them the confidence that I would do a good job writing copy for them.

That's what I mean when I talk about alignment in your marketing. All the components line up with each other to reinforce your core message more strongly.

If you're a writer, your marketing copy should be good.

If you're a web designer, your site should be well-designed.

If you solve problems for your clients, your marketing should be focused on their problems, not on you.

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