My bucket list for you

Philip Morgan

I've got a bucket list.It's about a half-dozen things I'd like to help you accomplish in your career. Here's the list:

  1. Specialize in a way that dramatically increases your value to clients.
  2. Learn to generate leads consistently. (depends on #1)
  3. Move out of 100% execution into a blend of execution and advisory services.
  4. Become able to produce a full-time income with part-time work.
  5. Make money while you sleep by developing valuable intellectual property or other digital product assets.
  6. Break the $200k revenue ceiling that most self-employed developers face.

Regarding #3 on the list above, I think you'll enjoy this interview with Garrett St. John on the Consulting Pipeline Podcast:'s me asking a bunch of nosy questions about where he is right now in his career, which is towards the beginning of the transition away from execution work and towards advisory work.Questions like, "how did you see the opportunity for your first advisory gig? What did it look like when it was just manifesting itself?"Check the ~23 minute audio interview out here: to you soon,-P