Losing my virginity

Philip Morgan

I remember my first time.He was a VP at a Fortune 1000 construction company. I was a lowly business writer, hired to write a case study for a client.I had never done it with someone so important at a large business.I had done everything I could to prepare for the interview, and made sure I called at exactly the scheduled time, and made triple-sure I was ready with good questions and the ability to effectively take notes for future reference.And that's how I lost my "interviewing bigwigs" virginity.What about you? If it would benefit your business, would you be comfortable approaching a Director, Vice President, or someone even higher up the chain of command at a company that you want to learn more about?Specialization Hack #7: Ask Questions and ListenMy next specialization hack could be restated thusly: do effective market research.For some markets, everything you need to know is available online and you can learn what you need to know about the market through some dedicated Googling.For others, the crucial insight you need is concealed inside the organization, or inside the minds of key decision makers within the organization. For those markets, the best way to accelerate your transition from generalist to specialist is to interview the people involved in deciding to hire you (decision makers) or funding the project you're involved in (buyers).The Market Research Handbook in the Complete Bundle package of http://thepositioningmanual.com tells you how to conduct this kind of market research.Talk to you soon,-P