Lemons behind the counter, redux

Philip Morgan

You've seen this XKCD comic, right?In yesterday's post I was mistaken about why Chipotle moved the lemon slices behind the counter. Several of you let me know it was done for food safety reasons, not for cost reduction reasons. Yesterday I was the someone in that XKCD cartoon who was wrong on the internet. :)To make the most of my mild embarrassment about this, I'll repeat what is a periodic public service announcement I make to this list....Email marketing is powerful. You should probably consider using it in your business.That said, if you're totally new to doing email marketing, prepare yourself for the following:

  1. You will be wrong in public at least once and you'll get called out for it. The worst thing that can happen in your marketing is being ignored, so take being called out on stuff you're wrong about as a compliment because it means subscribers are paying attention to what you say, which is generally a good sign.
  2. If you're wrong from time to time, you're probably doing something right in terms of assertively exploring new territory. If you're wrong a lot, you might be being sloppy or dumb.
  3. Good email marketing requires asymmetrical vulnerability; the willingness to go first, trust your audience a bit more than they trust you at first, to be more generous with them than they are with you at first, and really put yourself out there in service of them.

If you've considered trying email marketing, I'd really encourage you to give it a go. Doing it well is not easy, but it's really pays you back many times over the long run.All you need to get started is a reason for people to opt in (email courses can work well for this, and https://joshuaearl.com/products/six-figure-email-course/ is a great resource for creating a good email course), some free or inexpensive software, and a clear focus for what your emails will be about.-P

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