Philip Morgan

This'll be fun.

Say the word "Lamborghini" to yourself right now.

What images come to mind?

Something like this?


Yes, I did Google for "Lamborghini douchebag" in order to locate this for you. My eyes have cancer now but it was worth it.

For most of you, I'd bet money the word Lamborghini summons the picture of a sports car, perhaps with an intolerable dude driving or standing next to it, but at least the sports car part comes to mind.

This is positioning.

In Formentera, I saw another Lamborghini product, and I'm still so sad I didn't get a picture of it for you. I was sweating and breathing hard and trying to stay in the bike lane on a rented bicycle, so I couldn't just reach for my camera and snap a pic. But The Google abides and helps us out:


I saw a Lamborghini-made tractor!

Maybe this is totally normal and part of the Lamborghini positioning in Europe, but for an American it very much did not fit my mental picture of Lamborghini.

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