Kill Your Blog

Philip Morgan

If you've been struggling to keep your company blog up to date, you're not alone. You and millions of other small business owners have a web site, and that site almost certainly has a blog. I like to call it, the black hole where good intentions go to die.If your blog hasn't been updated in 6 months or more, it is causing a number of problems:

  • Search engines like Google take your out of date blog as a sign that your site contains less interesting content than other sites with a more frequently updated blog.
  • Customers wonder if your out of date blog means you've actually been struggling behind the scenes to keep the lights on, you are distracted with some big problem, or are otherwise teetering on the brink of disaster.
  • You feel this creeping sense of guilt that only gets worse the longer your blog gets neglected.

If you're guessing I'm about to hit you with "5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Blog Updated", I'd like to hit you instead with a big dose of...Instead, I think you should...

Kill Your Blog Before it Kills You

Here's my solution: kill your blog. Just go to your content management system (WordPress, Expression Engine, SquareSpace, or whatever you're using) and just turn the blog off. Don't delete those out of date articles, but make the blog inaccessible on your site.Feel that sense of relief? That palpable lightening in your shoulders and chest? It's nice, isn't it!

But Aren't You All About Content Marketing, Philip?

Sort of. I'm all about the thing that content marketing can create for you, if you use it correctly. But I'm about the result, not the tools. I'm all about building your authority, so that clients chase you rather than the other way around.Content marketing--like epic content on your blog--can build your authority over time. But... not if you have an out of date blog. So if updating your blog is killing you, you need to kill your blog.What do you do with the big hole that leaves in your site navigation?Here's me answering that question on the Unofficial Shopify Podcast. Check it out, the good stuff starts at 6 minutes, just click the image to jump over to where you can listen:Image

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PS - If killing your blog and starting an educational resource is too radical, at least rename your blog from "Blog" to "Articles" or the like. And remove the publication date so your articles don't look out of date. That way they're... timeless!PPS - If you want a "done for you" blog full of great content (and a growing email list and effortless content syndication through SlideShare, Medium, and the like) the new updated version of My Content Sherpa may be for you. Here's a short PDF that describes how it works: