"I've seen some ice cold summers"

Philip Morgan

---🎶🎶---I seen some ice cold summers; hot winters too.I never thought I’d win Grammy awards with The Roots.I never thought I would be gettin’ long in the tooth.My OG’s told me boy you better go on live your truth.I am a walking affirmation that imagination and focus and patience gets you closer to your aspiration.--Black Thought, freestyle on Hot97---🎶🎶---You probably need a break today. This 11m freestyle rap performance by Black Thought might be exactly what you need:Image(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prmQgSpV3fA)"I am a walking affirmation that imagination and focus and patience gets you closer to your aspiration."Yep! Me too.My aspiration is that I'll live in a world in which any self-employed software developer who wishes to specialize has a clear path from being a generalist to being a successful specialist. In this world, there would be no mystery at all about how to successfully specialize in a way that is met with strong demand from the market and a financially, intellectually, and emotionally rewarding career path.No one else has volunteered to create that world, so I raised my hand.Imagination and focus and patience has gotten me incrementally closer to helping create this world.What's your aspiration?If it's to create more value for your clients, then there's an 80% chance you'll need to focus on a target market in order to do that.I'd love to help you do that!Every year in the last 2 weeks of December, I run a sale on my products. Use the coupon code TAXWRITEOFF to get 30% off my products:

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