It's a Friday kind of Monday

Philip Morgan

I meant to send you this last Friday, but I got carried away with writing about confidence. It's Monday as I'm writing this, but boy does it feel like a Friday to me. I spent most of the weekend working on some content for Specialization School and wiring up a new Ubiquiti access point to better cover the yard "aka The Summer Office", so maybe that's why today feels like a Friday to me. I'm going to just go with it.List member Josh sent me this fun, interesting video that describes a tiny niche within bicycling which involves combining gymnastics and bicycling: It's a lot of fun.Here's another interesting example of specialization, sent in by list member Malcolm:------_Another specialisation example I heard the other day was on the Antiques Roadshow. I believe they show this in the USA. If not it’s basically a team of experts looking over antiques that people have brought in and you usually end up with someone at the end being told that the trinket they bought for £5 because they liked it was made by Karl Faberge and is worth £5000. Cue gasps all around._My wife watches it religiously and the other day they were talking about George Stubbs who (in case you don’t know) was a famous painter of horses, most notably this one: he started off as a rather average human portrait painter and one day he decided to paint horses instead. Being unimpressed with the standard of the day he spent several years sketching dissected horses and produced “The anatomy of a Horse” was then that his expertise and fame took off and he remains famous to this day. Now I’m not an expert on Stubbs so you may want to do some research but it does seem like Stubbs found a gap I the market, specialised and benefitted from it.------Sure does seem like it. Thanks for sending that, Malcolm!And finally, this made me laugh and laugh for a long time.Some guy used a USPS change of address form to change the corporate mailing address of UPS to his house. Apparently, it worked, and he received UPS's corporate mail for about 3 months, and somehow managed to cash $58k in checks that weren't his: at UPS probably felt like their job had magically gotten easier for those 3 months!Finally finally, thanks to everyone who notified me that my site's SSL certificate expired. I hope it's renewed by the time this email hits your inbox but if not just know I'm workin' on it. :)-P