Interviewing authors

Philip Morgan

If anyone wants to conduct an interesting, differentiated interview Annie Duke, set a 5-month reminder for yourself to send out the ask. She’s just released a new book, and in 6 months she will have been on every podcast that has a pulse and a scrap of ambition, and she’ll be tired of hearing herself say mostly the same stuff over and over again to a cadre of mostly mediocre interviewers. In 6 months (thus the 5-month timer) she will be absolutely primed to talk about something – anything – other than the topic of her now-6-months-old-book. If you do your homework, you’ll get the most interesting interview with her anybody has heard for the last 4 months or so. I’m using Annie Duke’s name here, but this isn’t really about her; it’s about almost any modern author you might want to interview and when in the lifecycle of their book publicity efforts to show up. Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P