Your personal business barbell

Philip Morgan

When do you graduate from dumbell to barbell?

Real Quick: Who is an authority to you? I'd like to learn, and will share what I learn with this list next week. Please take 60 seconds to tell me:

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A quick followup to yesterday's email: /indie-experts-list/indie-experts-dumbell-to-barbell

When can we say that your business growth dumbell has become a barbell?

I don't currently have data on this. I'm generally looking at more qualitative signals.

As a reminder, we start here:

And intentional growth takes us here:

In terms of the left-hand part of this graphic, there's a clear qualitative signal about when your "marketing dumbell" can become a "marketing barbell":

This happens when you are able to get on a stage for 45 minutes with minimal or no props and no CTA at all and say something so impactful that -- assuming it's the right audience -- at least one person approaches you after the talk to ask for a meeting to explore working together.

The "stage" could be physical (a conference talk) or virtual (podcast guesting, etc.).

You could be approached by a prospect immediately or some weeks/months thereafter.

The important part is the impactful nature of your expertise and point of view and the clearly implied call to action, meaning you don't have to whip people into action, they are self-motivated to act because your expertise has clearly self-evident relevance and importance to them.

On the right-hand part of this graphic, I don't have quantitative numbers that distinguish dumbell businesses from barbell businesses. But you definitely feel it!

You feel the increased margin in your schedule. You feel the ability to translate requests for advice into paid advisory engagements. And you feel that greater amount of unstructured time in your schedule. Time you can invest in your own expertise and the left side of the graphic.