Why bother?

Philip Morgan

When the going gets tough, why bother?

When you're investing more than you're "monetizing", why bother?

When you've seen one too many dissapointments in a row, why bother?

When you're learning how to earn visibility and trust and getting feedback that your learning hasn't gotten you all the way there yet, why bother?

When you have a vision for change that's more profound than your clients can allow themselves to see, why bother?

 • • • 

Because you picked something that matters, and every such commitment goes through ups and downs.


If you're in the pre-picking-something stage, please consider picking something that matters.

Google can find somebody else to help them sell more ads.

Facebook can find somebody else to help them sell more ads.

Apple can find somebody else to write buggy software.

McKinsey can find somebody else to help them do... whatever they do.

If you're in the post-picking-something-that-matters stage, keep going.

The world needs more people doing work that matters.

 • • • 

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