Two kinds of podcast hosts

Philip Morgan

I've guested on a fair number of podcasts, and the hosts roughly fit into two buckets.

There are hosts that can make the resulting episode better than the talking points I go in with, and those that don't. There are really exceptional interviewers, and merely competent ones. (OK, there are also really terrible interviewers, but a competent guest can make a terrible interviewer seem like a competent interviewer.)

I've always thought Louis Grenier is in the first bucket; an exceptional interviewer.

Louis' interview of Seth Godin is one of the best I've heard anyone pull out of Seth. Most folks that interview Seth are happy to let Seth run through standard talking points or are numbed by Seth's fame; Louis takes control of the interview from the first minute and challenges Seth to go beyond the usual.

That's why I was delighted when Louis invited me back on "Everyone Hates Marketers" said yes to my pitch to guest on "Everyone Hates Marketers" for a second time, this time to talk about brand vs. direct response marketing for consultants.

You can hear the just-published episode here:

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