The Stir-Crazy Coffee Roaster

Philip Morgan

Yesterday I fell down a K-hole of DIY coffee roaster videos.

Apparently you can make a pretty good roaster out of an as-seen-on-TV-lookin' countertop convection oven, a countertop popcorn popper that's probably made by the same outfit that made The Cornballer, and an aluminum yardstick bent into a circle. It’s hideously beautiful, peak DIY. I love it.

I’ve been wanting to try roasting coffee beans at home, but I’ll try the popcorn air popper method first. It’s an easier, cheaper way to discover whether I’ll find the extra trouble of home roasting worth it.

It's a small, simple experiment rather than a large, baroque experiment.

The specialization workshop starting mid-May is based on this lean, small experiment approach too: