Ready, Read, DISCUSS vs. Ready, DISCUSS, Maybe-read

Philip Morgan

David Baker was kind enough to lend his megaphone to yesterday's email. He shared it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Since he tagged me when sharing it, I got to eavesdrop on the ensuing conversation. It was interesting to note that on only one of those three platforms did any commenter say something like "I read the article and...". In other words, there was only one platform where commenters provided evidence that they read the article David linked to. That platform was LinkedIn. This is not about the article being my article; that's incidental. This is anecdata you can take for what it's worth about discussion norms being different on different platforms. On Twitter and Facebook, commenters seemed to react more quickly to the wrapper David put around the shared link. On LinkedIn, commenters seemed to be reacting to both the shared link and the wrapper David put around it. Again, this is just an anecdote, but if social media is important to your busines, maybe this is a weak signal for you to think about. What have you seen RE: the difference in discussion norms on different platforms? -P