Nov 11 email marketing report

Philip Morgan

The next cohort of The Expertise Incubator begins Jan 13, 2020. If you're curious, let me know.

Clicks are mechanical activities; pressing REPLY to ask a question is a human act, one of vulnerability and connection.

Both can lead to sales, but I believe replies to emails I send my list indicate something important: relevance.

Y'all know I've given myself the rest of 2019 to get this free/paid list experiment working well, or it's over. I'm trying a new variation.

During a few hours of pouting -- feeling bad about something over the weekend -- I realized that how often I email the free segment of this email list is... totally up to me. (If you need a few minutes to recover from that earthshaking revelation, I understand. ;)

I can change how frequently I email the free segment of this list any time I want. It's merely habit and an expectation I set a few months ago -- but can change any time I like -- that determines the email frequency. So let's change the frequency!

I spent a few hours yesterday writing up two emails for the free segment of this list, using an Axios-like format I thought up in the shower on Sunday morning. They will go out Tue and Fri of this week, and you'll see this new format then.

I'm still answering questions I've received via my post opt-in survey, but the new format is aiming for 300 words or less of highly digestible content with clear next steps towards action.

I don't expect it to move any needles super fast. Email marketing is a fluid medium, which I love, but I'd still expect it to take more than a week for an email list to respond to a changed approach.

Here's my experiment "transparency report", showing the easily measured aspect of last week's free email performance. I'll check in with y'all on this weekly:

There was one reply to that email, from someone asking about what wiki software I use for TEI. That was a nice interaction. Not the "OH MY GOD I HAVE TO HIRE YOU NOW TAKE MY MONEY!!!" reply that part of me wants, but still... nice.