Innovation content

Philip Morgan

If you publish daily, after publishing about 100 posts, you'll have to figure out what to do with the innovative ideas that are arising within you.

I offer some thoughts on what to do with this innovative stuff via this latest Expertise Incubator audio update:

The extreme effort of publishing daily will bias you towards publishing stuff you think can get you more business. The innovative content appears to not fit in that category. It appears to threaten the ROI of your email marketing.

That threat to ROI actually poses a twofold opportunity:

  1. I believe you should embrace as much risk as you comfortably can, and the risk of publishing innovation content to your email list fits with this heuristic.
  2. I theorize that ideal clients seek "visionary practitioner" consultants. Publishing some innovative content positions you in this way.

I spend what I believe is a useful 42 minutes supporting this argument here :

Happy Monday,