High value architecture work

Philip Morgan

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The reader question: "How to attract and close deals for high value architecture and project planning work, rather than just coding by the hour."

The recommendation: Get asked for your advice about architecture first before you attempt to close a deal for high value architecture and project planning work.

I don't say this because I doubt your skill. However, sufficient skill is rarely the problem.

Instead, visibility is almost always the problem. (Access is the secondary problem, but sufficient visibility generates access, so we'll focus on visibility today.) You can solve the "get asked for architecture" problem without earning visibility, but it will be a temporary solution.

Let's talk about the durable solution, which is earning visibility.

Our mental model of experts is: their expertise is so valuable that their "hobby" is generously giving back to the industry or pushing forward the state of the art.

You need to find a way to give back to the industry from your wealth of knowledge/skill about high value architecture, or push forward (in a visible way, ex: open source work, speaking, or publishing) the state of the art in high value architecture. Or project planning.

You need to find a way to do this consistently for 2 to 3 years. It can be done on a time budget of 10 hours/week.

A TEI participant recently told me about shaking loose some advisory service prospects from his TINY email list. It happened after he dared himself to express his point of view more clearly and bluntly.

With certain topics, you don't need much visibility to generate new advisory services opportunity. A microscopic list can be enough.

But you do need some visibility.

Where, dear questioner, will you start earning visibility for yourself?

Go deeper: Ponder this: what would a weekly briefing on architecture/project planning look like? Would you curate the best articles from this week? Would you use a point of view to help readers know what to pay attention to and what to ignore?

Can you find 10 people who would agree to receive this briefing?

If so, you might be onto something. The next question is clear: why not begin today?

Take action: If you want a supportive small group environment to take risks like this, The Expertise Incubator might be for you.