Experts travel, right?

Philip Morgan

A newfangled take on an old question.

Why do your clients hire you? If you've got 40 seconds to answer a few anonymous questions about why your clients hire you, I appreciate your input:

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This, from Mark O'Brien at Newfangled, is quite good:

An excerpt to give you a flavor for the article:

I want to be clear that this is, in no way, a case for not speaking at events. I want you to do that as much as ever. My intent here, though, is to convince you that simply attending could potentially be just as powerful. Over the past 12 years, Chris Butler, Lauren McGaha, and I have given many dozens of talks on big and small stages all over North America. We’ve also attended about the same number of events as ‘normal’ attendees. I’m not sure which we’ve ultimately gotten more business from, but I do know that the numbers are very, very close. I wonder if that surprises you as much as it surprised me when I figured it out.

Mark makes some really good points about the value of physical presence at events where your buyers also are.

I realize Mark's thesis could be reduced to rub shoulders with your prospects; yes, you'll have to travel to do that; suck it up and mine could be reduced to if you don't wanna travel, don't travel; just build a business that doesn't require travel.

But you didn't sign up and stay subscribed to this list for easy, simplistic answers to important questions, did you? :) Consider both perspectives and make up your own mind!

Again, Mark's perspective is a good read: