Command, invitation, 40 milliseconds

Philip Morgan

A: If you’ve been procrastinating or fence-sitting, you must decide today if saving $500 per person is important to you.

B: I really like seeing my clients save $500 per person on my workshops. It signals the same kind of confidence and risk-taking I see lead to more success in their client work. Please join us at a savings of $500 per person if you register today (last day you can get this xx% discount on this particular workshop)!

• • •

One of those is an invitation. The other, a command.

Your amygdala told you which was which 40 milliseconds before your cognition did.

In many situations, the command will move the needle more.

In certain situations, the command will siphon brand equity from a personal brand in an insidious way.

I can't prove that the economic damage of siphoning brand equity outweights the needle-moving power of the command. But I believe that it does.

Of course, this only really matters if you're trying to build or maintain a personal brand.

Look, most forms of gaining visibility and earning trust are hard. Effort and discomfort bias us towards seeking short-term payoff. We want visible results for our work.

Here's where I remind you that one of the largest organisms on the planet is a fungi in eastern Oregon. It's a possibly-2,400-year-old, 2,200 acre, possibly-605-tons fungi.

Ever watched fungi grow? I have, that time I grew psilocybin mushrooms at home. Watching paint dry is more exciting. The progress is nearly invisible.

Until that day! The day the mycellial network explodes into the fruiting body. The slow-growing underground part has accumulated enough energy to produce what we recognize as mushrooms. Compared to the progress of the mycellial phase, it's explosive.

I believe in this model enough to have build my main service offering around it. That's The Expertise Incubator.

Almost nobody wants to take this approach to improving their business. That's OK.

I'm stunned at the "fruiting bodies" produced by the folks who started this program earlier in 2019. The mycellial phase was not easy or fun for them. But the insights, primary research, early-phase intellectual property, and unique points of view they are operating from are worth it. More than worth it.

As I think you know, I'm wanting to start another Expertise Incubator cohort the week of January 13, 2020.

This is an invitation for the small percentage of you that are oriented the same way I am. An invitation to...

Invest, invest, invest.

Trust, trust, trust that it will pay off.

Tweak, tweak, tweak how you make the investment according to solid principles.

Care, care, care about the improvement you're trying to introduce into the world.

And get support with the above.

Please reply if you'd like to discuss fit on this program. We'll work in a conversation between now and the 13th to figure out if it's right for you.