I owe you an apology

Philip Morgan

I owe you an apology, dear reader.

No, not for my "bat sheeeit crazy" sermon yesterday. That's exactly the kind of tough love you signed up for when you joined the cult otherwise known as my email list.

No, I owe you a different kind of apology for neglecting to talk more about one of the "back end" benefits of positioning...

List member Josh called me out on this omission:

--- You always talk about the marketing advantage of picking a niche. Why don't you talk about the logistical benefits? 1 of the key benefits I'm seeing from niching is less checklists, less contracts, less processes, less things to try to keep up on, less blogs to read. Having a niche makes everything simpler.

Thanks for the great emails. They've been super helpful (the podcast helps a lot too).

I asked Josh to clarify thusly:

--- Man, you've got a great point. I'm so obsessed with the marketing side of things that I neglect the also-important gettin' it done side of things.

I'd love to share what you wrote plus a brief extra explanation with my list if you're OK w/that.

He obliged:

--- I wish I could say it has helped. But I'm not far enough into it. I've barely begun my niching - really only hit on my secret sauce the week before Christmas.

I stumbled across this benefit the day before I emailed you. I was working on some end of project deliverables and realized that - if done correctly - this would be the only end of project document I'd ever need.


Finding a niche that Josh feels good about may the Christmas gift that keeps on giving for him.

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