I have no idea if this is legal

Philip Morgan

So I think this is OK under fair use...

A coaching client of mine is starting a podcast. It's going to be great.

He and I were talking about interviewing and I made a short list of people I consider excellent interviewers.

Tim Ferriss is not on that list. He has this tic where his ego vomits itself into live interviews with very important and accomplished and genteel people and he fails to instruct his editor to edit that shit out later. It's baffling and distracting and though his guests are very interesting, Tim Ferriss is not one of the great interviewers.

Howard Stern, however, is.

I have often referenced his interview with Madonna as something that those of you doing market research or podcasts can learn from.

But today, in a fit of... something, inspiration maybe I recorded a 30-minute breakdown of part of that interview.

I think this OK under fair use, but because I'm not sure I'm releasing this only as a bonus, unlisted episode of the Consulting Pipeline Podcast.

Check it out here: https://simplecast.com/s/4717333c.

You'll hear the first part of Howard Stern's 3-11-15 interview with Madonna. Every time something interesting or noteworthy or amazing happens, I'll break in with audio commentary on what's happening and why it's important.

It might make you a better interviewer.

IMO, if you're a consultant, the future value of research and writing is massive.

Interviewing is a key part of that skillset.