How to make me wake up in a cold sweat

Philip Morgan

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning.I had a nightmare that I lived in George Orwell's highly surveilled "1984" and Drip had cancelled my account for the thoughtcrime of wondering if their recent acquisition by LeadPages would be beneficial to me in the long term.This got me thinking... what would I do if my Drip account actually did disappear overnight? Assuming I couldn't set up a new account with them and import my email list, what would I do instead?In fact, let's make this thought experiment even more interesting. What would I do if I couldn't use any kind of email marketing software at all? How would I continue to market my services in a scalable way?Of course I'd first try to hack the system and just run a small email list off my Gmail account. I'm a big enough believer in the power of email marketing that I'd want to continue email marketing even if it was less automated or less scalable.My calls to action (CTA) on stuff like would change from an opt-in form to a mailto: link. People would email me a request to join my email list list, and then I'd manually add them to a Gmail group or a list I manually copy/paste into the BCC field of every email I send my list.My email course would have to change to a different delivery format since that's currently delivered via an email autoresponder. That'd be a bummer, but not the end of the world by any means.I'd miss being able to do list segmentation (send one thing to book customers and a different thing to people who haven't bought my book) or I'd have to do it manually by moving people from one list to another. I'd also miss out on email automation like automatically sending a new email sequence to follow up with book customers, but I think the benefits of continuing to market over email would outweigh those drawbacks.But let's say the Ministry of Truth found out about my usage of Gmail instead of Drip and blocked my ability to send any kind of email at all. What then?I'd start publishing a short (5 to 15m) daily podcast instead. The content would be the same as what I send out via email, combined with weekly featured interviews or guests. I'd syndicate this podcast heavily any way I could, starting with social media. The podcast CTA couldn't be to email me thanks to the Ministry of Truth's meddling, so it would probably point people to some kind of social media property where I could interact with my audience in both a one-to-many and a one-to-one fashion.BOOM! Take that, Ministry of Truth!ImageThis all points out an important lesson about marketing.The key to marketing your business effectively isn't the specific tools you use, it's combining the following elements: narrow market position + way to demonstrate your expertise and build trust over time + way for prospects to take action and ultimately give you money.If you get those three elements working consistently, then you'll be in a dramatically better situation than if you just rely on luck, referrals alone, and doing good work (which is necessary but not sufficient to keep your pipeline full).Need help figuring out a powerful market position? You should read: http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P