He is actually 6'5, with the afro 6'9, pretty good dribbler

Philip Morgan

How about another example of specialization/positioning from outside the world of software development?This comes from list member and proprietor of http://letsworkshop.com/, Rob Williams. I copied this from a Slack conversation (with Rob's permission) and didn't change any of the "Slack grammar" because I'm busy yo:------_an example of nice positioning (more in the consumer space) is a guy i've been following on twitter for a while that covers the lakers https://twitter.com/lakerfilmroom_his positioning is basically, "laker content that goes to a deeper level" where most people who cover the team are talking about rumors or gossip, he's an ex-basketball coach so he talks about plays they're running and he does these video breakdowns where he talks in really advanced termsi though it was interesting because it's an example of finding a niche that's underserved and his whole brand now is like the most thoughtful laker content makerseems sorta obvious... in retrospect, someone covering a sports team... that talks about the actual game?but it really did fill a hole that no one else was doing------That's a really great observation. Going deeper than your "competitors" (in an area your clients care about) is a useful way to differentiate and develop valuable expertise. And sometimes the hole in the market is not untouched ground nobody else has dug into, but a deeper hole using somebody else's hole as a starting point.Rob's service could be a part of your lead generation plan, so if you haven't already do check it out: http://letsworkshop.com/-P