Grab bag Friday

Philip Morgan

I've got a bit of a grab bag of stuff for you today :)First, I've been getting some really great responses to the survey on competition I mentioned yesterday. The first rule of email marketing is you never ask for something just once so... if you have thoughts you'd like to share on competition (does it concern you, if so why, etc.) then please spend a moment giving me a piece of your mind with this anonymous, 3-question survey:'ll summarize and share back with y'all what I learn.Second, I recorded a fascinating 2-part conversation with Bob Lalasz, and in this conversation he shares some very useful insight on what exactly thought leadership is. Part of what you'll learn from this conversation is how Bob's specialization helps him move the needle for his clients, and part of what you'll learn is a functional, useful understanding of thought leadership:

  1. Part 1:
  2. Part 2:

Finally, a first for my list... a project opportunity!A couple of rules here:

  1. Do not contact me about this. I'm not hiring for this job, Joel is.
  2. Don't pursue this unless you have relevant, domain-specific expertise. Joel's busy too, so think before you hit send.

Here's the very minimal request: _Basically it's for a niche form of dispatching.  The dispatchers would be using a web app, and drivers and clients would be using an uber type app.  Lots of custom reporting.  Large-scale project.  Project management skills important._Got relevant development or PM expertise in transportation or dispatching and interested in this kind of project? Contact Joel Park: jp@getilluminated.caHave a great weekend!-P