Google search 'Rails Security Expert' -> booked the first flight to hire you guys

Philip Morgan

This blew my hair straight back (read the whole thing; not all of it is me blowing my own horn):---I'm working through the latest version of the ebook and have been a fan since you first released. Our current positioning has worked pretty well over the years, but there is always room for improvement.__One thing that is really tough for me though is picking a vertical. We're so niched that I almost think going down to a certain industry is a bit like only servicing clients in Nebraska.We're positioned as Ruby on Rails Security Experts.  If someone has a web app built in Rails and cares about security, we're the obvious choice.I've had consulting engagements that literally went "Googled for Rails Security Expert, Watched your Video, want to book your flight to office to consult ASAP!". Other engagements have gone along the lines that would be familiar to any Rails shop.---This was an email I got about 2 months ago from Frank Rietta.Ignore the question from Frank about picking a market vertical. He doesn't need to.He's used content marketing so effectively to establish a horizontal market position that narrowing to a single market vertical would not be productive in his case.Think about what it would be like to have similar lead generation for your business. Somebody Googles for the kind of specialist you are, encounters some of your content marketing, and then is scrambling to hire you.Pretty sweet, eh?That's why I've asked Frank to put together a 30m presentation for this month's Dev Shop Marketing Briefing. I want him to tell you exactly what he did to get those kind of content marketing results, and he's agreed to do just that.My Dev Shop Marketing Briefings are short, informative 30m presentations by myself or a guest expert followed by 60m of questions from you and answers from our expert.I've ditched the webinar software for these and now I'm using Zoom Meetings. That means it's me, my guest expert, you, and up to 47 other people in an online meeting room. No digital wall between presenter and participant. Simple, intimate, easy.Of course this also means that if you're not there to learn and ask questions, you shouldn't show up for the live briefing at all. Just catch the recording later on /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/ (there's also a podcast feed there so you can listen to audio of all the previous briefings and get updated automagically in your podcatcher when I publish a new one).Here's a nice and easy flowchart to help you decide whether to attend the live briefing:ImageIf you want to attend this month's briefing on content marketing with Frank Rietta, it's too late to register, but please check out the recording at /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/