Good ground game

Philip Morgan

I've never been a sports fan but at some point in my 20's I got interested in football.

A roommate at that time had cable and a TV (I'm one of those insufferables who points out that he's never owned a regular TV in his life) and liked football, so some Sundays I'd watch the Green Bay Packers with him.

This was back in the late 90's when Brett Favre was the Packers' quarterback and he was probably at the top of his game.

I quickly developed an opinion (probably a pretty uninformed one) about football: big exciting passing plays that got the ball way down the field were better than running plays that steadily and methodically marched the ball down the field.

I thought they were better because they were more exciting for me to watch.

I haven't had many big exciting "passing plays" in my business. But I have managed to execute a reasonably good "ground game" over multiple years.

As a result, I've come to believe that businesses like ours--solo services firms or small shops--benefit a lot more from a good "marketing ground game". Consistency over years rather than big dramatic breakthroughs. The ground game seems more do-able and less risky for folks like us.

What about you? What kind of game are you playing in your business? Your replies and thoughts about this appreciated.