Geek in heaven

Philip Morgan

I was a geek in heaven today.

My wife and I are in Spain, currently Valencia.

This is the fully automated warehouse of the tile manufacturer we visited today:

(Full size version of this image:

The warehouse storage stacks are integrated into a custom system they developed in-house. It tracks, stores, and retrieves on demand any item in the inventory.

On the way here, we drove past a bunch of competitors who are in the stone ages by comparison. They have their inventory parked outdoors in the lot, aging and fading in the sun, picked and packed by human effort and—I suppose—a fair bit of guesswork.

It’s amazing how much this company has invested in technology, and they’re now working on modernizing their supply chain with the same zeal for leveraging digital technology as they have the rest of their business.

If this kind of stuff is interesting to you too, this CB Insights report might be a fun read:

Cheryl and I are back at the factory tomorrow. I’ll try to share a few more fun pictures then.

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