Funky hummus

Philip Morgan

I got food poisoning this weekend.At least, that's what I think it was. I woke up at 11pm on Sunday night needing to barf, and then had a wicked fever from 2am until a few hours later.While I was lying there shivering uncontrollably under four blankets (not kidding), I began to try to isolate the cause.I think it was some funky hummus I got from the corner store earlier that day. They sell some super tasty hummus, but it's made locally by this nameless outfit and I suspect on the day they made this batch something was off with their cleanliness or something. My wife said it tasted strange too.The poison hummus, of course, made me think of this protest sign that made the rounds recently online:Sign saying: “We gave you hummus. Have some respect.I do think hummus is a real gift to humanity.But it's going to be a long time before I can disassociate hummus from vomiting, fever, and shaking uncontrollably with chills. And I'll probably _never_buy the no-name hummus again from our corner store.My first attempt at using in real life (IRL) teaching to generate leads was kind of a flop, and I didn't try again because--like the poison hummus--it's hard to trust that the same problem won't happen again the second time. Also, I was having much better success generating leads online, so the effort and expense of IRL teaching seemed unnecessary.Last months' Dev Shop Marketing Briefing guest expert Liston Witherill gave a fantastic 30m presentation followed by a very interesting 60m of Q&A on how to avoid the kind of mistakes I made with IRL teaching.If teaching as a form of lead-gen is interesting to you, then check out the recording of that presentation: /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/dsmb-using-irl-teaching-to-generate-leads/Talk to you soon,-P