Forced me out of my comfort zone

Philip Morgan

A The Positioning Course customer wrote to tell me about his experience with the course. I had meant to ask him to write something up, but he beat me to the punch:---I took some time today to put together a testimonial for TPC. If you think any portion of this can help you at all, please do use it in any marketing materials you wish. You are free to associate my name and picture with it as well.**What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying this course?**I quite honestly did not have many objections to the course. I knew I needed more structure and accountability than The Positioning Manual could provide. I fidgeted and hesitated on the price for a couple days until I realized I really just needed one decent client or student to get a huge ROI from the course.**What did you find as a result of completing this course?**I found a brand new confidence and motivation for running and growing my business. The course forced me well out of my comfort zone in many different ways, and in doing so, showed me that I can run an effective marketing campaign. By pushing me to narrow my focus to a very specific audience with a very specific message, I gained a confidence in talking and reaching out to people I believed I could help because now I truly believed I could help them. I attribute that confidence directly to Philip Morgan.**What specific feature did you like most about this course?**No question about it, the Lightning Coaching Sessions are what truly put this course over the top for me. Without those, I probably would have continued to waffle on decisions and delay talking to my audience.The 15 or 30 minutes each week with Philip on the phone were worth far more than the price of the course. Nothing substitutes for a personal conversation with an expert such as Philip.The accountability that naturally arises from these conversations, and the affirmation that my thought processes were not completely insane gave me a brand new perspective on my business and renewed confidence to actually run it, and run it well.**What would be three other benefits of this course?**The cold outreach portion of this course changed my mindset on running my business. It made me realize that I didn’t need to sit in my office alone and contemplate what to do next. All I had to do was pick a target audience and ask them. It showed me that when you reach out to complete strangers with a genuine interest in their struggles, they’re more than happy to open up and let you help.**Would you recommend this course? If so, why?**I would recommend this course to *everyone* who is even considering self-employment, regardless of their industry. It would honestly be impossible for me to recommend The Positioning Course higher.Before a laptop, before a desk, before the $50 to officially form my business, I should have invested in this course. It has been the single most positive influence on my business, both in terms of lead generation and in my own personal levels of satisfaction and commitment.**Is there anything you would like to add?**I hand-wrote this first because I tend to write more emotionally that way, and now I have writer’s cramp.---This quote is a copy paste from an email Eric Grubaugh wrote me. You can check out what he's doing as a result of the course at my goodness, if you have challenges learning to write code for NetSuite, you MUST get in touch with Eric!)Eric is getting exactly the kind of results I designed this course to achieve. It's why I have every Wednesday from 9am to 10:30am Pacific time blocked off for Lightning Coaching Sessions. Yeah, the course has pushed him outside of his comfort zone. That's where the growth and positive change happens, if you have the right structure and support.Maybe the course is right for you? There's a simple form you fill out here: /positioning-course/ The form does a pretty good job of helping you know if the course will be a good match for where you are in your business.Talk to you soon,-P