Excuse me while I kiss this guy

Philip Morgan

Apparently one of the most misunderstood popular music lyrics is Jimmy Hendrix singing "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" in his song "Purple Haze".I get that. It really does sound kind of like "Excuse me while I kiss this guy".BTW, if you'd like to have 20 minutes sweetly stolen from you, do a Google image search for Jimi Hendrix tattoo some time. If you're looking for some ideas for psychedelic-looking full sleeve or full torso tattoos, the cover of "Axis: Bold as Love" is definitely underrepresented out there. I'm pretty sure your loved ones would think it's awesome if you came home one day with one of these bad boys on your arm ;-)Axis: Bold as Love tattoo**Specialization Hack #9: The "Meetup Test"**In-person meetups can provide a good opportunity to get feedback on positioning statements.Your positioning should be based on the most valuable combination of expertise and market demand available to you now, or one that you can "grow into" in a year or two. In other words, it's a factual statement.I'm definitely not saying you should "crowdsource" your positioning statement from strangers at a meetup.But sometimes you'd like some feedback on wording variations. Sometimes you are wondering which of several variations will resonate best with real people. And sometimes you just want to practice saying your positioning statement in "live fire" situations before you use it in a sales conversation with a prospective client.That's when you might deploy the "meetup test", and attend a few in-person meetups for the specific purpose of getting to introduce yourself to multiple strangers, which is a great opportunity to try out multiple variations of a positioning statement.If you're liking how it feels to do this kind of exploration but want the fast track to completely, then check out out /positioning-course/ If you want some information on this course delivered to your inbox, click here: /thank-you/drip-trigger-link-positioning-online-course/Talk to you soon,-P