Double feature

Philip Morgan

Hey, y'all, sorry for the no-emails. On March 7, I started dealing with something like a flu, and then I was recovered and feeling good and then got food poisoning on the 13th. My wife had all of this too, offset by a few days. I'm at about 90% today, but wow, that was quite the "double feature" of feeling terrible!

I'm putting together a short guide called the Small-Scale Research Guide for the in-progress TEI cohorts, who are about to begin the research challenge of the program in a few weeks. I had been trying to finish this as a video series and stalled out; sometimes you just have to acknowledge that your sweeet spot is text, not video, and proceed based on whatever advantages you have. Anyway, I'm showing my in-progress work on this guide in public: After it's done I might package it better and sell it, we'll see, but in the meantime I'll ping you when there's a new chapter done.

On the very random tip, I've been impressed anew with the song structure on ZZ Top's Eliminator album. So many of them are these little perfect pop music jewels: verse-verse-guitar solo-verse-outtro, without a lot of wandering guitar wankery (though quite a few of the outtros are faded out so I suspect someone other than the band applied even more discipline during the mix process to make the songs radio-friendly). As I work on my writing projects, this kind of tight, audience-friendly structure and discipline is inspiring. The Wikipedia article on this album is an interesting peek into the process:

Have a good weekend, y'all,