"Clarified our message and marketing"

Philip Morgan

Specialization helps you do 2 things. It reduces marketing inefficiencies, and it helps you cultivate valuable expertise.

List member Josh gave me permission to share this story about how specialization helped him reduce marketing inefficiencies:

One of my businesses with a partner is having a lot of success niching down to subset of our market. It’s a church donations online giving company; and we’ve now completely niched ourselves down to churches that use a single church database system called RockRMS. That has both clarified our message and marketing; and opened doors to big customers we would never be in a conversation with had we not focused in on their church database platform.

Checkout the video on this page: https://simpledonation.com/rock

The annual conference for this church database system was last week, and we got to play that video, and our message is completely distinguishing— this is the giving partner who is able to make giving + our church database system work together seamlessly.

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